Orbx Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) Released

Luke Phillips
Sunday, October 27, 2019

Orbx continues on their chain of releases, this time with Edinburgh Airport (EGPH). The airport was only announced just over a week ago, and features high-resolution ortho, detailed performance-friendly modelling, as well as SAM jetways among many others (full feature list below).

Edinburgh Airport originated as the most Northerly British Air Defence base in World War I as RAF Turnhouse. The airport was the busiest airport in Scotland for 2018, and is also the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom by passenger numbers.

Edinburgh Airport features:

  • High-resolution photoscenery surrounding the airport
  • Detailed and performance-friendly 3D modelling for the airport and beyond
  • Superb ground textures with environmental wear-and-tear for that realistic effect
  • Fire station, hotels and offices all fully modelled with impressive detailing
  • Dynamic lighting across the whole airport bringing the airport at night to life
  • Impressive rendering of the iconic ATC tower at Edinburgh complete with accurate lighting during night
  • Edinburgh comes to live with a range of animated traffic including firetrucks, fuel tankers and more
  • SAM jetways to make it easy to connect to your aircraft at aircraft stands

According to the product page, the airport requires TrueEarth Great Britain North.

Orbx Edinburgh is available to purchase on Orbx Direct for 27.25 USD (€24,60 | £21.25 | 39.95AUD) and can be found here. To view previous articles about Orbx, click here

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