Aeroplane Heaven Publishes Electra 10-A Previews

September 29, 2021


Aeroplane Heaven, a developer known for their historic aircraft in Prepar3D and MSFS has just recently posted on Facebook previews of their Electra 10-A announcing that it is “Coming real soon,” in the description. The previews show us a highly detailed rendition of the interior and exterior model of the aircraft, the same model used in the previous Electra simulation add-on for Prepar3D. On the exterior model, the 3D is complimented by realistic texturing that includes visible heavy dirt and wear marks normally be present on the real-life counterpart:

This announcement comes just before the release of the Junker J-52 which is another historic aircraft built in the 1930s. The development team at Aeroplane Heaven not only has the Electra on the way but also a DC-3 model that is being worked on as well. Earlier this September, the development team has released their rendition of the Spitfire which has generally been well received by the community.

The Electras was powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp. It became such a successful aircraft because in October of 1934 the US government banned single-engine aircraft from carrying passengers from night flying. The Electra fit perfectly into the new night flying requirements. Not only was the aircraft used by numerous airlines located across the United States; it was also used in various locations around Europe. During World War two the aircraft was also put into service by the US military. The most notable use of the Electra was when Amelia Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the world, which unfortunately led to her death in 1937. 

For more info relating to the Electra, 10-A being developed by Aeroplane Heaven you can monitor their Facebook and website. As usual, we'll be here to break the story for you :)

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