Aerobask Announces Embraer Phenom 300 for X-Plane

February 26, 2021

Continuing with a streak of business jets, Aerobask has taken to the forums to announce the latest business jet to be added to their Hangar, the Phenom 300. The news follows the recent successful release of their Epic Victory E1000 in November 2020 and the ongoing development of their Dassault Falcon 8X.

For users who may be concerned if progress with the Phenom 300 has slowed that of the Falcon 8X, Lionel “Yoyoz” Zamouth of Aerobask / Skunkcrafts assured users that the development of the aircraft had actually benefited the Falcon 8X. The reasoning given for this was that the development allowed the developer to reduce VRAM usage in the Falcon 8X by roughly 1GB.

Aerobask is working in partnership with Dassault Falcon to develop the Falcon 8X. The developer recently posted a video of the aircraft with many functional systems including a working Heads Up Display (HUD). The aircraft has been in the works since March 2019 with numerous preview videos and screenshots being posted since that date. The most recent of these was posted on the 9th of February, find the news in our previous article on Aerobask.

The Phenom 300 (EMB-505) is a light jet aircraft built by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The aircraft is fitted with 2 rear-mounted Pratt and Whitney PW535E turbofans and offers a range of up to 2000nm.

Here’s the full feature list provided:

Aerobask quality 3D model

  • A detailed cockpit, cabin and exteriors
  • Functional baggage, GPU and fuel doors
  • 4K PBR textures
  • 8 beautiful liveries out of the box
  • White (for painters) and Lo-res liveries available through the Aerobask website
  • Smooth and VR-friendly manipulators

High-quality sounds

  • full FMOD environment by Daniela Rodriguez Careri
  • in-game volume control without pausing the sim

Enhanced Laminar G1000

  • New Synthetic Vision technology by OscarPilote
  • Laminar's GFC700 autopilot with popup
  • Custom MFD engine parameters, with reversion mode on PFD.
  • Optional mouse, scroll-wheel and dial-pad support for easy PFD data input
  • Keyboard support for GCU478 and flight plan input
  • Detailed ELEC, ANTI-ICE, FUEL and STATUS synoptic available through fictional buttons
  • Custom detachable popups with a fixed ratio and all optional features above
  • Note: some of the optional features may need VR-mouse at the moment

Deep system emulation

  • Custom-coded Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (IESI)
  • Custom Current Speed Control (CSC)
  • Working refuelling panel
  • Realistic engine startup procedure, electrical circuit and anti-ice functionalities
  • Oxygen system for emergencies
  • Functional breakers, with configurable reliability


  • Avitab tablet, with an integrated options panel
  • Detachable and VR-friendly 2D options panel
  • Preferences saved between flights

To find all details on Aerobask’s latest project, head over to the X-Plane Forums.

Thanks to pilott192 in the Threshold Discord Server for the tip-off to the news.

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