DeltaWing Simulations Releases F-16 for X-Plane

October 18, 2020

X-Plane newcomer DeltaWing Simulations has just announced the release in an Forum post of their latest add-on, the F-16 Block 52+ “Airshow Edition”.

The F-16 is a single-engine fighter aircraft designed in the early 70s by General Dynamics, now produced by Lockheed-Martin, over 4,604 airframes have been produced and the aeroplane is considered by many as one of history’s most successful fighter jets. Currently being used in 26 countries, the F-16 was originally designed as an air-superiority aircraft, it is often used for ground attack. Equipped with a single Pratt & Whitney F100 turbine, the F-16 Fighting Falcon can reach speeds over Mach 2. 

The first version of the add-on nicknamed “Airshow Edition” does not feature any weapons but includes a basic plugin-powered FBW. The feature list is available below: 

- Highly detailed 3d exterior model

- Highly detailed 3d cockpit model

- Custom HUD

- Custom selectable action camera angles.

- Custom JHMCS HUD

- Dual Custom MFD displays

- Custom programmable DED

- Custom remove before flight objects

- Tailhook

- Real sounds

- 4K textures

- Realistic startup sequence

- Custom particles system

- Custom cockpit lights

- Custom external lights

- Customised payloads

We first covered DeltaWing Simulations when the project was first announced, check out the original article.

The DeltaWing Simulations General Dynamics F-16 Block 52+ Airshow Edition for X-Plane 11 is now available on the Store for $45. 

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