FlyingIron Simulations Releases P-38L Lightning

August 27, 2020

Debuted a short three months ago, FlyingIron Simulations have today shared the news that their P-38L Lightning is now available for X-Plane 11.

The military-focused developer has previously released two aircraft, those being the Spitfire and Grob G109B - an F-117 Nighthawk was also on the cards, however, that project was shelved some time ago.

FlyingIron's depiction of the aircraft includes a model 'built' with photogrammetry, along with a comprehensive simulation of the P-38L's internals - custom coded fuel, hydraulic, cooling and electrical systems to name a few.

The full feature list goes as follows:

  • High-quality, extensively detailed and accurate 3D Model
  • Ultra-realistic, high-res Texture work (built with the aid of photogrammetry)
  • Immersive FMOD Sound design built from professional recordings of a real P-38 and Allison V-1710
  • 9 included liveries, including Richard Bong’s iconic livery. Professional quality nose art included in many liveries.
  • Detailed & Extensive simulations of the Lightnings core systems, including accurate, code-driven replications of the Lightnings Fuel, Hydraulic, Propeller, Cooling and Electrical Systems. All systems are programmed to function virtually identically to the real-world P-38 Systems. Almost all default X-plane systems have been overridden and/or enhanced significantly.
  • Incredibly realistic Flight Model made possible with carefully data-matched simulations of the NACA 23016 & NACA 4412 Airfoils. Flight performance has been verified against real-world Performance & handling tests to ensure extensive realism. We’ve gone so far as to model the drag from individual coolant flaps!
  • Custom heat & thermodynamics modelling, extensive engine management simulation
  • Realistic Engine Start-up modelling (don’t forget your checklists!)
  • Realistic External Tanks Integration
  • Custom damage modelling & failures, including heat damage & operating limits
  • Fitted with 4 x .50 Cal Nose guns and a 20mm Nose Gun by default, and also compatible with X-planes weapons systems (bombs).
  • 3D Garmin 530 GPS fully integrated into the cockpit (optional)
  • Modern Radio / Transponder Unit
  • AviTab Integration
  • Inclusion of FlyingIrons UI Tablet (optional). The tablet incorporates many useful GUI features and puts them in an easily accessible and realistic in-cockpit Touchscreen Tablet.
  • VR Ready
  • Custom Particle FX
  • Detailed User Manual & Checklists

To learn more about FlyingIron Simulations, see a previous article in which they discuss their coverage of three simulator platforms - X-Plane 11, DCS World and Microsoft Flight Simulator - here.

Purchase the P-38L Lightning from the group's website here. It's available for $55.00 AUD.

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