FlyJSim Releases Rainman Package for their Jetliners

Alex John
Thursday, August 22, 2019

Classic jetliner (and turboprop) developer FlyJSim has released a major update to their 727 and 732 jetliners.

The update adds rain effects to the windshields courtesy of librain, Avitab support, and many more changes, more so with the 732. The full changelog is detailed below.

FlyJSim 727 Series Professional V3.1908.1135 (Rainman Package):

  • Adjusted flight model to refine drag model some more from xp11.30 changes
  • Added Avitab support in 3d cockpit with two tablets, one for either side
  • Updated VR support, adding yoke, throttle, and several other additions to make your experience better (With additional changes to come at a later date)
  • Morse code parser in radio stack fixed.  Was causing logged SASL error
  • Added Librain rain effects

FlyJSim 732 TwinJet V3.1908.1135 (Rainman Package):

  • Added Avitab supported 3d tablets available on both left and right sides of the cockpit
  • Added X-TCAS
  • Added OpenWXR for weather radar
  • Added librain Rain effects for cockpit with wiper effect
  • FMOD sounds adjusted and GPWS callouts, morse code, and beacon audio are now all audible
  • Enhanced VR manipulators courtesy of SimVRLabs (Future additional changes to come)
  • Morse code parser in radio stack fixed.  Was causing logged SASL error
  • Issue with ILS frequencies at ends of the spectrum not being recognized fixed
  • Fully custom FD-108 flight director and SP-77 autopilot now modeled and the two systems are now accurately independent
  • Custom replay system improvements and bug fixes

Existing users can update using the Skunkcrafts updater or re-downloading the aircraft. The announcement was made earlier this week.

Thank you jcp123 over on our Discord server for notifying us of its release!

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