FlyJSim Rainman Package Coming to their 727 & 732 Jetliners

Alex John
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

FlyJSim have returned to their 727 and 732 jetliners to add a "highly anticipated upgrade" to the jetliners. The update was announced in a trailer on their YouTube channel.

Named the Rainman Package, the upgrade will add librain to the windshields, as well as other features mentioned below. The upgrade will release later this week.

Another item to note is AviTab integration, an optional accessory by Folko that can be installed or removed from the X-Plane 11 plugins folder.

Further to the rain effects, the 732 will receive a weather radar, as can be seen here:

The 732 is to also have an interchangeable TCAS-VSI instrument and fully independent flight directors.

The trailer for the free upgrade can be viewed below.

FlyJSim are also producing the Q4XP, a completely new rendition of the De Havilland Canada Dash-8 Q400. The latest update to this turboprop can be seen here.

Additionally, a new multiplayer client titled Shared Flight dedicated to multiple-pilot crews is in development - more details here.

Follow FlyJSim on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord and their official website.

Screenshot sources: YouTube trailer (above) and Discord server

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