Further Progress of RuSky Group's Yak-52

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Back in March, new developer RuSky Group announced the development of a Yak-52. The two-seat aircraft is a trainer aircraft for the Soviet military and was produced for twenty years from 1978.

Recent news, however, sees progress of the aircraft moving steadily when referring to a status update posted on the x-plane.org forum, and comparing it to the initial status when it was announced.

The current status as estimated by the developer is now as follows:

  • Creating aerodynamic surfaces and airfoils 100%.
  • Real fuel system and fuel gauge 100 % (Change indication)
  • Tuning and custom logic of the engine 100%.
  • The propeller and its aerodynamics 100%.
  • Gauges logic 70%.
  • Modeling 70%.
  • Textures 60%.
  • PBR normal and smooth 60%.
  • FMOD Integrated 50%.
  • New 3d lighting effect for all lamps 70 %.
  • Windows effects from SKiselkov 100 %.
  • Custom visual and moving camera control (walking effect). 50 %
  • Flight school integrated . 10 %

In addition, full Virtual Reality (VR) implementation is planned, along with detailed engine and preflight preparation, ground services, and custom failures.

Another developer then went on to post some screenshots of the 3D modelling of the cockpit, which can be seen below:

Keep up-to-date with the progress of the aircraft here. A roadmap of their progress is available to view on their website.

RuSky are also developing an IL-18. A render from April, which links to the announcement article also in March, can be viewed below.

RuSky Group Announce the Development of the Ilyushin IL-18 for X-Plane 11

Thanks to user doudoualexou for notifying us of the progress update. Join our Discord here if you wish to help source news stories like this.

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