FSEnhancer v0.6.3 Beta Released

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Enrico del Bono's FSEnhancer version 0.6.3 has seen its first beta released today, following the enormously popular v0.5 from June 2018.

FSEnhancer is a freeware tool that injects photorealistic clouds and improved sky textures into simulators, in addition to this, v0.5 also included LUA scripts for haze, shadows and waves in X-Plane.

Enrico, the plugin's Italian developer, uses photorealistic textures taken from his holiday home in Sardinia to accurately represent the clouds seen in FSEnhancer. He recently sat down for an interview with us about how he's shaped version 0.6, including how he captures sunrises - a task that demands he get up at 4am local time - to create the look we see today. See the full interview here.

V0.6.3, the "internal beta", was made available to the public this evening via the FSEnhancer Facebook page.

You can download version 0.6.3 from Google Drive, or see the FSEnhancer Facebook page here.

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