FSEnhancer v0.6.5 Previewed

Thursday, June 18, 2020

With a break spanning from mid-April on the FSEnhancer front, solo developer Enrico del Bono has emerged once again to share new previews of version 0.6.5 of the weather addon.

First released as freeware in December 2017, the enhancement pack has grown from being a simple cloud and sky texture replacement to become virtually it's own ecosystem, with lighting tweaks such as the Night EnVironment Enhancement (NEVE) already confirmed with the coming version.

Further refinements to the v0.6.X run of the plugin were showcased this evening via the group's Facebook page, coinciding with a brief look at the developer's new King Air C90B PBR cockpit overhaul addon.

In a flurry of three short posts, we see various aspects of the addon in action, ranging from mountain cloud scatter to higher level cover and a reworked dawn scene. All of the screenshots are available in this article.

Regarding support for VR, the developer replied to one commenter that he doesn't have the means to test in virtual reality and that while not specifically compatible, "it should have the same compatibility as the previous versions".

Del Bono is adamant that the "future is photoreal", setting that as FSEnhancer's motto early on in development. His commitment to the cause goes as far as to rise at 4:00am during his summer holiday to capture new data for the addon, as demonstrated in an interview we conducted with him last year. Learn more about his obsessive sky-capturing ways and a window into the early phases of v0.6.X's development in that article.

To grab FSEnhancer's latest beta for yourself, see a previous article.

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