FSRealistic Pro Released

June 12, 2022

Effects management system FSRealistic 'Core' has now been available for seven months, having been initially released in November 2021. In the time since, rkApps have taken to improving upon the work seen in that product with the new FSRealistic Pro.

The 'Pro' version builds upon the effects included in 'Core', with the developer proclaiming a "growing list of 28" different interactions.

The effects list.

Speaking to Threshold, the developer explains the leap forward that the 'Pro' version has made:

"After a long period of time that Asobo didn't support camera movements, it has recently released a partial support and we have now finally managed to make a breakthrough with amazing real camera effects to create a more-than-ever realistic flight experience."

"We are proud to be the first company to offer such level of realism and excited to offer you [the chance] to join the ride!"

FSRealistic Pro is available for EUR 28.00 from simMarket here. Users of 'Core' are able to upgrade at a discounted price of EUR 5.60.

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