FlyTampa Announces Thessaloniki XP (LGTS) Plus Three Other Large Airports

Alex John
Saturday, August 31, 2019

FlyTampa's Thessaloniki Airport (LGTS) is to come to X-Plane 11.

The developer says that the airport will include a sloped runway and real-world terrain data, as well as custom models within the airport and across the city.

LGTS will be a part of FlyTampa's lineup of Greek airports. Corfu was released last year, whilst we were given an array of Athens (LGAV) previews back in May. LGAV is in the process of being converted by Descent2View Simulation, but are now waiting for the finishing touches to be completed by FlyTampa.

Additionally, Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) announced Heraklion at the beginning of July, but because its developer has since moved to FlyTampa, Heraklion will make use of features in Thessaloniki, and be delayed.

Finally, the developer also confirmed to FSElite that their roadmap includes Copenhagen and Amsterdam, which will make their way to X-Plane 11 before 2019 ends. Las Vegas will then follow next year.

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