Global Earth Updated to Version 1.10

Keizo Ono
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Resentium has updated their global texture replacement for X-Plane to version 1.10, which includes new buildings and vegetation. In a forum post on, Resentium have stated that forty five percent of the new buildings and ninety percent of the new vegetation is available in version 1.10 of Global Earth.

Resentium disclosed that over the next two to three weeks the new buildings will be completed and implemented. Initially released back in April, version 1.10 is the first major update for Global Earth, which replaces many of the default textures in X-Plane with custom ones. Areas improved by Global Earth include the addition of custom high resolution textures worldwide, improved autogen and facade textures, and more.

Resentium’s Global Earth is available on the Store for $45 USD (Approx. 39.58 EUR | 35.44 GPB), and can be found here. Global Earth is also available on Simmarket for the same price, and can be found here. To view previous articles about Global Earth, click here.

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