Skyline Publishes More Gibraltar Previews

Thursday, June 4, 2020

After a fifteen days absence, Skyline Simulations have just released new previews of their upcoming Gibraltar International Airport (LXGB/GIB) in a Facebook post

This time, Skyline have published previews of buildings surrounding the British overseas territory’s airport. A large car park has been previewed as well as a few buildings with billboards. A taxi station can be seen, quite possibly on the Spanish side. One of Gibraltar’s most famous landmarks, the 1841 Europa Point Lighthouse, will be included in the add-on.

Gibraltar Airport is known all around the world thanks to its unique runway which is crossed by Gibraltar’s main road. The airport operates under a civilian/military model and is owned by the UK’s Ministry of Defence. GIB is a popular destination among flight-simmers for its challenging approach over the Rock of Gibraltar and its short runway which is often subject to heavy wind shears.

The developer accompanied the post with a comment :

"Wait until you see everything together…"

Skyline Simulations have been pushing out regular updates on the development of their rendition of Gibraltar International Airport, two weeks ago numerous previews of the airfield were published. Check out our article covering it.

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