GayaSimulation Announces Méribel Airport Alongside Courchevel

April 11, 2019

Developer GayaSimulation have today debuted a new airport to compliment their currently in-development Courchevel Airport (LFLJ) scenery. The new airport, Méribel (LFKX), is located only about 10 kilometres from it's much more renowned neighbour.

In a post on Facebook touching on both their current projects, Gaya developers say of Courchevel:

"Developing is going very well and we will show you something very cool and unique that probably have never been done before. The airport will come with wide area of high resolution satellite image and will contain many POI and var objects to explore and discover."

In the second half of the post, they go on to say that not long after the release of LFLJ, they plan to release Méribel too.

There are no screenshots of the new scenery currently available.

You can find out more about GayaSimulation Courchevel via a previous article.

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