Progress Thus Far of inDepthSimulations' Dash-8 Q300 & CRJ 900

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Over the past couple of months, inDepthSimulations has been busy working on a Dash-8 Q300, a stretched airframe of the Q100/Q200. So far, much of the exterior and the cockpit has been completed. These are the latest images in the past half-month from their forum thread and Discord server:

Also in development, is a CRJ 900. Work on this aircraft began not too long ago, hence it is still in the very early stages of modelling:

All variants of the Dash-8 are currently in development for X-Plane: The Q300, seen above; the Q400, being rebuilt from scratch by FlyJSim; and the Q100 & Q200, by Skyline Simulations.

Like other aircraft projects with frequent updates, we will publish summary articles every once in a while to keep you informed.

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