IXEG 737 Classic Updated to Version 1.32

July 12, 2020

The International X-Plane Engineering Group, better known by their abbreviation IXEG, has released the latest update for their 737 Classic.

With details of v1.32 first released in a video preview earlier this week, the team lived up to Jan Vogel’s estimation of release within a few days.

This version puts a lot of emphasis on the FMS in terms of bug fixes, code overhauls, and the LEGS page, and also adds a custom particle system.

This is the full changelog, as given in the email sent to owners of the aircraft:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed gizmo crash when entering a waypoint name that contains the letter N or S followed by a letter, W or E downstream.
  • Fixed mousewheel scroll direction for standby attitude indicator level symbol (and increased speed).
  • Fixed coroute loading/saving crashing if user tries to save coroute with pilot created waypoints or partially wrong names.


  • FMS: Complete overhaul of departure and arrival procedure selection code, with improved stability and transition selections/loading.
  • FMS: Radial / Circle intersections on the Fix page can now be selected and copied back to the LEGS page as a waypoint.
  • FMS: Pilot created PBD (Place-Bearing_Distance) and LL waypoint types avail. (Examples: JKF350/25, JFK345/2, N45W33, N4533.2W3321.6).
  • FMS: Pilot created waypoints and the loaded route runway can now be copied from the LEGS page to the FIX page.
  • Added coroute folder with sample *.fpl route.
  • Added VR improvement for IRS display mode selector.
  • Increased volume for navaid ident and marker beacons.
  • Prevented cockpit controls from being manipulated through the IXEG pop-out menues.
  • More reliable sequencing of waypoints when flying route in LNAV.


  • Added custom particle system.

Furthermore, it was stated in the email that “This update is optimized for XP11.41 and newer only! If you run it any previous X-Plane version it will still work, but the aerodynamic model gets changed and will not fly "by the numbers" anymore! Install at your own risk (make a backup of the aircraft folder first, especially if you run XP10)!”

The aircraft can only be purchased at the X-Aviation store for US $74.95.

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