MisterX6 Releases Japan Pro Freeware

Sam Clark
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

MisterX6, mastermind behind freeware sceneries such as Boston, San Francisco and Portland, has released his first region-based scenery as a free "Christmas gift" to the X-Plane community. The product is called Japan Pro and covers the islands of the Japanese archipelago with overhauled autogen as well as enhacning the cities of Naha and Tokyo with custom objects.

Threshold had the privilege of exclusively debuting Japan Pro just a few days ago and reception to the news has been overwhelmingly positive.

The features of Japan Pro include:

  • Completely new set of high-quality autogen buildings

             -  Baked ambient occlusion

             -  Night textures

             -  PBR materials

  • Complete autogen tiles

              -  High-resolution ground textures

              -  Details like cars, trees and fences

  • Different kinds of houses, large apartments and industries
  • Enhanced cities

               - Naha: cruise terminal, cargo harbor, photoreal scenery

               - Tokyo: Skytree, Tokyo Tower, harbor

  • Highway signs
  • Vehicles

                - Cars and trucks (dynamic and static)

                - Shinkansen (bullet train)

  • Fully compatible with Ortho4XP/HD Mesh
  • FPS optimized models
  • Small portions of orthophoto included

MisterX6/ShortFinal Design's Japan Pro is available over on the X-Plane.org forum right now, for free!

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