JARDesign Shows Further Progress of Major Upcoming Update to A320

Alex John
Friday, February 21, 2020

JARDesign has been busy continuing to build a large update for their A320 aircraft.

Multiple posts in their Facebook group show major revisions to a range of aspects inside the cockpit, including the radio panels, transponder panel, EFB, and 3D objects.

Over the past several months, JARDesign has been working away on this update, as proven by previews of the EFB shared in November.

Since then, more work has been undertaken, such as a reworked automatic direction finder (ADF) on the digital distance radio magnetic indicator (DDRMI) and the transponder panel.

Attached with thirteen screenshots showing various states of the transponder, Andrey Below said: "The ATC/TCAS control updated as well with specific main and standby electric supply, power-up and inuse self testing, light test, reconfiguration, real XPDR Code exchange logic, ARINC intercommunication and descrete communication with LGCIU1/2. Moving buttons, control hints, VR control and IVAO/VATSIM plugins compatible."

Further images of the EFB in test flights and as renders were also published.

Another slightly longer post went into the details of their new radio systems.

"All system are working as original ones with using internal management and external ARINC interconection buses, discrete signals to communicate with each other and with FMGCs. All reconfiguration logic is implemented, including actual values, NCD and fail signals exchange," wrote Belov.

All standby frequencies have their own set frequency logic, including ILS/VOR frequency separation logic. All units has their internal logic with power up self testing, ANN light test, power supply delay processing, seated and dependent from particular AC or DC electric bus. Full COM and Nav standby logic with required crosstolk. And it works with IVAO and Vatsim plugins. There were hot holidays."

Further improvements to the modelling of the cockpit were also presented, as shown below.

The developer was also recently caught up in a situation that found their work being re-sold on simMarket by somebody else.

More previews and progress updates are available to view through JARDesign's Facebook group.

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