JARDesign Shows Photogrammetric Images of A320 Cockpit

Alex John
Monday, August 19, 2019

JARDesign has been using photogrammetry/3D scanning hardware and software to construct a new cockpit model.

Posted in their Facebook group, the previews show various renders and screenshots of different panels using the technology:

All these previews were posted in the comments. The leading image is below, which shows the technology in rough form:

A developer said the overhead panel alone uses a texture resolution of 20,000 x 20,000, whilst the MCP uses a resolution of 20,000 x 7,500. These resolutions cannot be used in X-Plane of course, as the current texture resolution limit is 4,096 pixels squared, i.e. '4K'.

The latest update to their A320 was earlier this month, when V3.4 saw some changes to the MCDU, X-Plane 11.35 compatibility and more.

The aircraft is available for US $49.95 at x-plane.org.

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