Just Flight Announces Traffic Global for X-Plane 11

Alex John
Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Just Flight move into the X-Plane plugin scene with Traffic Global, a plugin that generates AI traffic based on real-world traffic databases. They aim to copy over features from the ESP platform to X-Plane 11 as best as possible, and will use high-quality animated models with authentic airline liveries.

The plugin will release this year and will features:

  • Professionally designed AI models
  • Fully animated models with lighting and effects
  • Not limited to 20 visible aircraft
  • Works with multiplayer
  • Aware of the player's aircraft
  • Custom radar window
  • Customisable routes
  • Single, simple installer; no other downloads or manual configuration

Some work in progress images of the plugin are below:

The developer also plans on a developer diary which will make for interesting reading.

Just Flight most recently released the Duchess Model 76 for X-Plane 11, the details of which can be found here. Follow Just Flight on Facebook where they made the announcement. The product page can be found here.

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