SFD Global Preview Video Released

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A new preview of the upcoming SFD Global has been released courtesy of JK Movies, a German-speaking channel. This joins a rally of previews of the worldwide scenery, kicked off by two Threshold articles earlier this week on September 23rd and 26th.

The video goes through several regions to show off the new autogen, buildings, land classes, forests and texture work done by Justin Kissling, the developer behind the ShortFinal Design name. In addition to this, the installation methods are demonstrated.

The video is currently in German only, however, auto-translation is available.

Below are previews from earlier stages of development, exclusive to Threshold.

If you haven’t seen the vast collection of preview images of from September 29th as well as September 26th, check out our exclusive previews of the upcoming scenery here.

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