Threshold Exclusive: SFD Global Releasing this Week + New Previews

Sunday, September 29, 2019

As promised on Thursday, we have another 40 screenshots to share with you of ShortFinal Design's upcoming SFD Global.

If you missed the first set of previews, which focussed on autogen regions including Australia, South America, Asia and more, you can view it here. The product and a feature list was also attached:

Threshold Exclusive: Wealth of New SFD Global Previews
Threshold Exclusive: Wealth of New SFD Global Previews

In today's article, we'll be taking a look at one more autogen region, forests, and photorealistic ground textures.



A reminder from the product description, that SFD Global's forests introduce:

  • Completely new 4k textures
  • More realistic size and density
  • Lots of tree variants for different biomes

Terrain Textures

SFD Global will replace the default textures of X-Plane with highly detailed, custom orthoimagery. The remaining 32 images are dedicated to showcasing these around the world.

  • Completely new, photorealistic ground textures
  • Based on high-resolution aerial imagery
  • Between 2k and 4k resolution
  • Compatible with default and third-party meshes

SFD Global is due to be released this week.

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