Skyline Simulations Update Cincinnati (KCVG)

Sam Clark
Saturday, June 29, 2019

As promised in a Facebook post last weekend, Skyline Simulations have released a large update to their largest airport to date, Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Airport (KCVG) - initially released in July 2018.

The update was first touted just before Christmas 2018, developer Mac Ottlinger then predicted a March release, however, it ended up being much later than that, almost a year on from the initial release.

Here's the feature list:


Skyline also have numerous other airports on the go at this time - currently, Samos, Long Beach and Gibraltar are being developer under their brand. The most recent round of previews came just two days ago courtesy of the Long Beach project.

To update your copy of Cincinnati, simply re-download the package from the store of purchase.

You can buy Skyline Simulations' Cincinnati (KCVG) for $16.00 USD from the Threshold Store. Alternatively, you can find it for $23.05 USD (sale price) from the Skyline Simulations website or $23.00 USD from the Store.

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