Threshold Exclusive: Vertical-Simulations Tampa HD Previews

Sam Clark
Saturday, June 1, 2019

Work seemingly never stops over at Vertical-Simulations, with Tampa the most recent airport to receive the high-quality scenery upgrade, following Norfolk towards the start of last month.

The developers have kindly given Threshold some new exclusive images and details on the airport, a payware upgrade to their earlier released freeware.

Here's the feature list for the new scenery:

  • Fully high-definition building/object textures (and yes, that doesn't mean burning your GPU to the ground)
  • Fully modeled accurate buildings, scaled and placed with the current airport design plans (up to 2020)
  • PBR materials on nearly almost all buildings and materials
  • High-resolution orthophotos
  • Custom mesh
  • Fully modeled trams and Skyconnect
  • Some interiors will be modeled (such as SkyConnect patio)
  • Proper night lighting and textures
  • Fully modeled surrounding area (Rocky Point, South, International Plaza and Bay Street, etc.)
  • WT3 Taxi Routes/X-Life compatible (yes Captain-K made sure I have one this time)
  • Ground traffic
  • Autogate
  • HD-Toliets!

Expected release is within a month. The scenery will be available from the Vertical-Simulations web-store.

If you'd like to learn more about Vertical-Simulations' previous release, Norfolk Airport, check out our video review of the scenery here.

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