JustSim Updates Barcelona el Prat (LEBL) to V1.3

Alex John
Saturday, June 29, 2019

Edit 1900 GMT: All screenshots replaced with new ones from this Facebook post.

A new update to JustSim's Barcelona El Prat (LEBL) has been released, about two-and-a-half years since it was released for X-Plane. It follows on from the X-Plane 10/11 version.

V1.3 now includes ground service, a new terminal model and models for ground equipment, minor changes here and there, plus more.

Listed on the product page at simMarket, LEBL V1.3 brings the following changes:

  • X-plane 11.34+ compatible
  • Ground service added
  • New models for ground equipment
  • New terminal model
  • New stands and gates added
  • New VDGS system models
  • PBR effects on all models
  • Minor texture changes
  • Minor ortho changes

Existing customers are entitled to an upgrade price of €5.00. For additional details and screenshots and to buy the product, find the product page here.

Their latest release was Palma de Mallorca with Digital Design. See further details on LEPA in this news article.

Join JustSim's Facebook group to keep up-to-date with development.

Thanks to Austriancontroller on our Discord server for tipping us off.

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