FlyTampa Releases Thessaloniki (LGTS)

Alex John
Sunday, September 1, 2019

It has been less than 24 hours since FlyTampa announced Thessaloniki for X-Plane 11, and the scenery has already been released.

Using sloped airport terrain, PBR materials and coverage of the full city, the scenery adds to their long-standing presence in the flight simulation world.

Thessaloniki has the following features, according to the product page:

  • Complete city add-on with custom mesh, vegetation and lighting
  • Full city coverage with custom buildings and landmarks
  • Sloped airport terrain
  • Animated apron vehicles, road and ship traffic
  • PBR materials

FlyTampa also announced Copenhagen and Amsterdam to land in X-Plane 11 later this year, whilst Las Vegas will be coming next year.

You can find more details in yesterday's roadmap news here.

Thessaloniki is available for US $26.00 at their website. Follow the developer on Facebook for the latest.

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