Rotate MD-11 Progress: Air System

Alex John
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Development of Rotate's MD-11 continues, this time with the air system in the aircraft. The update was posted to their website, displaying how the aircraft reacts to changes in the air system on one of the screens in various situations.

The image below shows the progression of the air system from cold and dark, to a state with the APU on with air conditioning, and then ready for engine start:

kucoman goes on to state:

"All pneumatic sources have been modeled. All relevant manifolds, valves and ducts that serve the Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating, Cabin Pressure and Anti-Ice systems, are driven by the Environmental System Controller. This provides functions for automatic and manual modes of said systems, like temperature control, pressurization schedule for all flight phases, engine start, pneumatic isolation, and failure detection. Airflow, temperature and pressure are computed for every relevant component and compartment."

The progression of a normal engine start sequence was also shown:

The developer then went on to list the components that have been modelled in the air system:

  • Engines and APU bleed pressure regulating valves.
  • Ground pneumatic sources.
  • 3 Air System manifolds, CAC manifold and Trim Air manifold.
  • 2 System isolation valves.
  • 6 wing, tail and engines Anti-Ice valves and ducts.
  • 3 Flow control valves.
  • 2 Trim air pressure regulaing valves.
  • 3 AC Packs and Ground AC Pack.
  • AC manifold.
  • 7 Ducts and Outlets for all cockpit, cabin and cargo compartments.
  • Outflow valve and ram air doors.

The latest update follows on from the last which specifically looked at the fuel system, and previews of the electrical system have also been shared.

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