[Update: New Previews] Magknight Shows Off New 787 Cockpit, Engine & Fuselage Images

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

[Update]: The developers of the Magknight 787 have provided Threshold with an early look at some brand new screenshots of the new cockpit, saying the shots published today were actually a little bit old. We've updated the article with the new images to reflect this, and we'd like to thank SpeedM and the wider team for giving us this opportunity.


Magknight developer Mitchell "SpeedM" Chen has dropped a selection of new screenshots of an update to the group's flagship 787-9 project.

First undertaken as a solo project by Marian Gonzalez in 2016, the team has since swelled to upwards of five developers, with other external contributors such as AudiobirdXP providing new features as well.

In a half hour spread over on the Magknight Discord chatroom server, Chen first teased a few in-sim shots of the new cockpit, promised in the group's presentation at Flight Sim Show in Cosford back in 2019. See our recap of their presentation at the event here.

Almost immediately following this, this image of a new Rolls Royce Trent 1000 model surfaced - a rendering taken in Blender 2.79.

The spree of new previews was finished off with a couple of new fuselage screenshots, before queries of a price increase were raised by onlookers. A soft reassurance was given, Chen responding that he "hopes" that the update will not be paid.

Alex "aeroniemi" Beavil seemed to add weight behind that sentiment, adding that the "-8 will probably be paid", inferring that these new additions will not require more payment.

A few new fuselage shots were also published.

Magknight's long term development plans were first made clear back in early October of 2019, where the team spoke about new features to be delivered in the coming months - check out Threshold's recap of that presentation here. Alternatively, see the last big update to the 787, 1.4.1, in a previous article.

Join the Magknight Discord server for yourself here.

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