Military Visualizations to Stop Development for X-Plane

August 23, 2019

Military Visualizations (Milviz) has announced they are intending to cease developing for X-Plane.

Through a livestream with FSElite, Colin Pearson of Milviz said the following:

"It is our intention to no longer develop for X-Plane, at this point."

You may listen to the short snippet that confirmed this by pressing play on the YouTube video below.

Milviz entered the X-Plane market with the T310R back in November last year, before releasing the DHC-3T Turbo Otter one month ago.

DHC-3T Turbo Otter

Furthermore, anyone who followed Milviz's development in X-Plane likely knows of the ATR that was in development for a number of months.

Eventually, Milviz initiated a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development of the turboprop for X-Plane, requesting CAD $27,000 in an all-or-nothing attempt to acquire the necessary funds within 60 days.

The campaign raised CAD $4,111.29 in total, or 15.2% of the overall target.

Colin also said, regarding their ATR, "Honestly, the amount of bad behaviour that we got... That's one of the reasons why we're not going there. Too many haters. Can't deal with it." Timestamp below.

Partial wireframe view of the ATR that was in development for X-Plane 11

You can watch the livestream above in full if you wish to see some previews of many of their products for Prepar3D.

Once again, thank you Janis for tipping us off! If you find news you wish to let us know of, consider posting it in our Discord server here.

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