Navigraph Releases Major Update to Charts for iPad

Dave Neely
Sam Clark
Saturday, October 5, 2019

Flight-simulation utility developer Navigraph have released a major update to the iPad version of their Charts app today, as they had mentioned recently in a blog entry.

As the developers mentioned in their recent roadmap announcement from September 21st, this release was just the first step going forward bringing features such as the new developer API and example data sets, as well as a complete refresh of the Navigraph website. You can find our article on the topic here.

New to this version are the following features:

  • Procedure visualization: Use the SID, STAR and Approach overviews to find suitable procedures that match the routing.
  • Chart overlay: Put geo-referenced procedure charts on top of the enroute chart for increased situational awareness.
  • Route calculation: Easy to use route calculator which handles North Atlantic Tracks (NAT) and Free Route Airspace (FRA).
  • Intelligent procedure selectors: Logical filtering and sorting the lists of SIDs, STARs and Approaches based on your route's runways and transition points.
  • SimBrief integration: Link your SimBrief account and transfer your latest Operational Flight Plan (OFP) from SimBrief with one click.

For a quick run down of the features you can watch an accompanying YouTube video.

A quick thank you to Vinniethegreat for the tip in our Discord server, which you can find here.

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