Orbx 2019: FTX Global comes to X-Plane, LOWI & KEGE announced

December 20, 2018

Scenery giants Orbx have revealed their 2019 roadmap, which provides information about products to come in the next year. Last year saw the announcement of the TrueEarth series (then simply called Photoreal) for all of their platforms, ranging from X-Plane 11 to Aerofly FS2. In addition to TrueEarth, a range of airports in the United Kingdom, North America and one in Oceania have been released for X-Plane, part of their ongoing campaign to bring all of their airports from the ESP platform to X-Plane.

FTX Central re-branded to OrbxCentral

Orbx’s universal application for installing products, FTX Central, has been completely overhauled and features a new interface, among other improvements not mentioned by John. As part of their plan to retire the Full Terrain X series, the app has been renamed OrbxCentral. Some of the largest news is that the new OrbxCentral is now compatible with macOS and Linux platforms.

Screen-capture taken from the stream showing the new interface of OrbxCentral.

TrueEarth GB South SP1

The first update to Orbx’s TrueEarth GB South is on the horizon and has been briefly touched on the John and the team. He asked the viewers which they would prefer to have first; TrueEarth GB North or GB South Service Pack 1 - the answer being a resounding call for the northern region.

However, in the ensuing conversation, he touches on some of the features of the upcoming update. John says that the Orbx team are pumping out 20 3D models a day for both SP1 and GB North, however still have a long list of models to complete before the service pack will release. All football stadiums that seat over 7000 people will be part included in the upcoming update. Another option in SP1 will be darker roads - the Orbx team claim that the darker roads vastly improve how they blend into the orthophotos of the scenery.

Confirmation of ESP-platform conversions

Orbx have re-affirmed their plans to convert all of their ESP-platform to Laminar’s sim. See the original news post here.

KEGE - coming soon

Listed as one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Eagle County Airport is located high in the mountains of Colorado. Orbx developer Jarrad Marshal has revealed the first screenshots of the airport in X-Plane - a conversion of his earlier rendition for ESP-platforms.

Orbx Global announced for X-Plane

The incredibly popular FTX Global is now coming to Laminar’s sim - the package replaces autogen textures for the entire world. John Venema claims that it is currently in the Research and Development stage. It will be a “relatively lightweight download”, but will however not feature seasons like in the P3D version. There will be a 40% discount for Prepar3D owners.

New Previews of Netherlands TrueEarth for X-Plane

First announced last year under the name Netherlands Photoreal, Orbx have released further previews of TrueEarth Netherlands. They state the northern half of the country is ready for release, however, due to various licensing issues, the bottom half is not yet ready. There is currently a poll running on their website where they ask whether they should release just half of the product, with the second half following in a Service Pack upgrade later on.

LOWI - coming soon

Another of Orbx’s popular Prepar3D airport sceneries is coming to X-Plane, this time in the form of Innsbruck. The Austrian airport is nestled in the mountains and was popularized in the flight-sim scene by the difficult approach required to land there.

EGSG Stapleford Airfield - coming soon

Topping off their X-Plane 11 content is Stapleford for X-Plane 11, in the United Kingdom. It is a small airfield used by GA aircraft.

You can see the full roadmap on the Orbx forums.

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