Orbx to Port ALL 170 Airports to X-Plane

November 22, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly. One-hundred-and-seventy airports. And they're all coming to X-Plane 11!

During today's livestream by Orbx, where Dirka and Aimee gave a sneak peek of TrueEarth GB Central, John Venema, CEO of Orbx made a comment in the chat at 1:08:02, stating the following:

"We will be porting ALL 170 Orbx airports to XP over the next year, it just takes time peeps, we’re hiring new developers to speed it up"

The comment shows Orbx is more committed to X-Plane than ever before. Here are all of Orbx' products released for X-Plane 11 thus far:

Check out TrueEarth GB Central, and Cardiff (EGFF), both recently announced for X-Plane.

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