JustAsia Releases Bahrain Airport (OBBI)

Sam Clark
Thursday, October 10, 2019

JustAsia, in partnership with ESP-platform developer MSFG have released Bahrain Airport for X-Plane 11, following the first previews of the field just seven days ago.

Bahrain International is Bahrain's primary hub for air movements. Destinations from OBBI stretch into other continents, but Bahrain's flag carrier, Gulf Air, reaches the most of any airline, with a strong presence on the Asian continent.

Using custom objects from MFSG, the developer has given the X-Plane treatment by bringing HDR lighting, 2K textures, high resolution photo scenery, World Traffic 3 and SAM integration.

In addition to this, the city surrounding the airport is also faithfully represented in-sim. This includes hand colour-corrected orthoimagery, making the Middle Eastern scenery much more true to life.

The full feature list consists of;

  • High detailed representation of Bahrain Intl Airport
  • Over 200 hand placed custom objects
  • Custom autogen for the entire Bahrain
  • Highly detailed depiction of Manama with custom autogen
  • Main landmarks are modeled
  • Full custom HDR night lighting
  • Full WorldTraffic 3 integration + Custom ground routes
  • Added static Aircraft option ( For users who don't have WT3)
  • SAM animated jetways
  • Realistic ground poly for airport and surroundings
  • High resolution textures for terminals
  • Loads of clutter to provide a realistic feel
  • Ground traffic
  • Up to date markings with the recent construction
  • Highly Optimized and Fps friendly compared to other scenery with similar detail

The scenery costs $28.50 USD and is available from the X-Plane.org Store here.

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