Orbx Releases Alesund Vigra Airport

September 22, 2020

In a week full of Orbx news, their latest release concerns the airport of Alesund Vigra located in Norway.

Created by Finn Hansen, the scenery is a conversion of he product released back in June for Prepar3D, though the developer maintains he has 'brought new features to this release.' These pertain to PBR (which has been re-done), the addition of a sloped runway, reworked ground poly and more accurate ground elevations.

This joins a number of features which were present in the original as well - the combined feature list is as follows:

  • Complete depiction of Ålesund Vigra Airport, Norway
  • Ultra high-detail rendition of the the airport
  • UHD PBR texturing
  • 15cm custom aerial ground imagery
  • Functioning hold-short wig-wag lights
  • Ultra-HD unique GSE, boats and vehicles exclusive to Ålesund
  • Custom ground poly textures
  • Famous sloped runway
  • Numerous POI and landmarks beyond the primary coverage area
  • Subsea 7 North Sea Spoolbase and Giske Bridge
  • Weather-dependent ground polygon
  • Custom edited ILS
  • Close to Notodden, Trondheim and Gothenburg
  • Carefully optimized for very high performance using the latest techniques

This is Orbx's second scenery release in the past seven days, following news of Pilot Plus' first product in Microsoft Flight Simulator at last releasing. You can learn more about the developer's rendition of Wycombe Air Park for Asobo's sim in a previous article.

Alternatively, check out the group's newly announced Sydney Cityscape, also for Microsoft Flight Simulator, here.

You can purchase Orbx's Alesund Vigra Airport rendition for $22.99 AUD (approx. US$16.58 | €14,10 | £12.95) from OrbxDirect.

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