Orbx Announces Innsbruck (LOWI) for X-Plane

Sam Clark
Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Scenery development group Orbx have formally announced one of the last products debuted in their roadmap, which was unveiled late last year.

Only a single screenshot was released with the roadmap, showing orthophoto work around the airport in the Austrian Alps. Innsbruck is one of Orbx’s most popular sceneries for ESP-platforms and was popularised both in the flight sim scene and in real life by its challenging approach.

The announcement was made by Jarrad Marshall, who worked with Aviotek Software developer Vittorio Greco and Tony Wroblewski to convert the airport, surrounding cityscene, and what Orbx are calling a “mini-region”.

Here’s the feature list:


  • Ultra-detailed rendition ofInnsbruck Airport
  • Extremely high definition ground polygon
  • Beautiful hand-coloured and cleaned ground textures at 30cm
  • Entirely customized GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Innsbruck - don't expect to see generic airside vehicles or unexpected aircraft types
  • Hand-crafted texture work incorporating special materials, baked ambient occlusion and baked nightlighting 
  • Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing
  • Optimized for use with default and well-known AI programs
  • Animated GSE and static peopleflow
  • Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail - very low texture loading for a scenery of this scope and detail. 


  • One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11
  • 160 custom points of interest
  • Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery
  • Major freeways and bridges custom modeled
  • Hand-placed custom vegetation
  • Stunning night lighting


  • Hat Tux/Aplin 5 Heliport (LOJT) - rescue heliport hidden deep in the valleys south-west of Innsbruck.
  • University Hospital (Uni Klinik) Heliport - rooftop hospital heliport in the heart of the city
  • Flight Rescue Centre OAMTC Heliport - major Christophorus/Police heliport adjacent to the airport 

There’s no word on a price or release date as of yet, so stay tuned for more information.

Check out the original forum thread here.

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