Points of Interest Map for TrueEarth Washington Now Available

Sam Clark
Friday, February 22, 2019

Orbx have released the initial list of Points of Interest to be included in their upcoming TrueEarth Washington scenery pack. TrueEarth Washington will be first in a range of sceneries spanning the Pacific Northwest, the first of which is due in Q2 this year.

Suggestions on which Points of Interest (POIs) to include in the Washington region scenery were largely made by the community this time around, in stark contrast to the behind-closed-doors process for the group's smash hit TrueEarth Great Britain series.

Orbx welcomed suggestions on which landmarks people would like to see via a thread on their forum, where users would attach a Google Earth .kmz file with the location of the Point of Interest.

In a post on the suggestion thread, Lead POI Coordinator of TrueEarth Regions Byron Farrow posted the following;

"The initial POI List is now complete for Washington. This list is subject to change,  some tweaks (additions / removals) are likely during the modelling process, and there is always the possibility of service packs down the line. If anyone spots anything missing that they think is particularly significant then please let me know!"

Also included in the post is a screenshot of the included POIs as of the time of posting.

Closeups on the Seattle metro area, plus an overview of the entire state.

You can learn more about upcoming TrueEarth USA regions by visiting one of our previous articles, which details potential release details for the Pacific Northwest sceneries.

Download the new POI list for yourself over on the Orbx Forum. Please Note: In-sim screenshots used in this article are from Orbx's TrueEarth Great Britain series, as now are available for the US series at time of writing.

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