Orbx TrueEarth USA: Washington in Q2, Oregon in Q3

Sam Clark
Thursday, January 24, 2019

After the release of two of the three regions of the popular TrueEarth Great Britain series, heads turned to the potential of packages covering the USA - Orbx have remained unusually quiet about this, with very little mentioned about TrueEarth USA in their 2019 roadmap, which details what the company plans to release in the coming year.

In an attempt to shine a light on the latest developments, we've put together this article to recap all the information about TrueEarth USA.

NOTE: Screenshots used in this piece are from Orbx's TrueEarth GB series.

TrueEarth Pacific Northwest, California Confirmation

On Orbx's 2019 roadmap thread, in response to a customer question about TrueEarth regions, CEO John Venema said the following:

"2019 is all about TE regions in the USA! TE PNW will be split into Washington and Oregon, and then maybe BC if we can license ortho for it. Washington will be done by about May-June and Oregon July-August. We will then do Northern and Southern California before heading back to Europe in 2020."

He goes on to say that the US East Coast will be covered in 2020 as well.

X-Plane first, Prepar3D second

Later on the same thread, a customer asks which simulator will TrueEarth PNW release first for, Prepar3D or X-Plane (Aerofly FS2 is also a possibility, but not mentioned by the commentor). Venema, in reply, said this;

"All TE region development is happening on XP11 first at present, purely because our new tools are made to produce XP11 output. We are working on introducing processes that will allow output to P3D in a semi automated fashion."

Points of Interest (POIs) in TrueEarth PNW and how to suggest them to Orbx

Points of Interest are Orbx's way of describing models that should be included in the VFR portion of a TrueEarth product. As a part of the development process, the developers are asking the community to suggest which landmarks should be included in the upcoming scenery package. To suggest a POI, check out this thread on the Orbx Forum and download the KMZ file, which displays which landmarks have been selected.

Here's a list of the type of POIs Orbx is looking for;

  • Uniquely shaped government or private buildings with distinct architecture, and about the size of half a city/town block
  • TV masts or other tall communications towers
  • Lighthouses or larger unique coastal buildings
  • Stately homes of significance, with estates of >10 acres, i.e. Bill Gates' house
  • Football, Hockey or Baseball stadiums with significant structures
  • Bridges with unique designs, be it a suspension bridge, unique design or other historic bridges longer than 100m
  • Piers or wharfs longer than 200m with buildings on them
  • Large hospitals
  • Power stations

The Prepar3D version will feature the cities of the Pacific Northwest represented by "Cityscene", a new technique used to make better looking cities. This will not be present in the X-Plane version.

Over 800 objects have been earmarked for inclusion in TrueEarth Washington alone.

To find out what Orbx is up to this year, check out our recap of their 2019 roadmap here. See the forums thread where we sourced this information from here.

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