Orbx Releases Three New Airports for the North America Region

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

First announced nine days ago, three Orbx airports are now available for purchase from OrbxDirect.

These three airports in the spotlight are Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3) and Walter Sutton's Airstrip (WA79) for the Oregon region, and Orcas Island (KORS) in the Washington region.

Starting with Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark, this aerodrome is located in Willamette Valley near Portland, in Oregon. "The Bill Womack Classic Finally for X-Plane 11!" reads the product page, which goes on to say how the rural location makes it ideal for a relaxed atmosphere.

The airpark features the following:

  • Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel
  • Little details make it so charming
  • Custom X-Plane mesh
  • Lush rural valley with farms, crops
  • True multiple elevation airfield
  • Made with full support of owners
  • Integrated with TrueEarth US Oregon
  • Made from 1000s of on-site photos
  • Superbly detailed models

It is available to purchase here for AUD $32.95 (approx. GBP £18.00 / US $22.23 / €20.31).

Also available in the Oregon region, is Walter Sutton's Private Strip (WA79). Similar to 7S3, this airstrip is located in a quiet location, and thrives off little details on the ground for which "Orbx is famous for."

Features of WA79 are as follows:

  • 60/15cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Fully modeled farm and airstrip
  • BONUS second private airstrip
  • Town buildings modelled
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Fully compatible with TrueEarth US Washington

Like 7S3, this aerodrome is also available for AUD $32.95.

Finally, Orcas Island Airport (KORS) tops today's releases. An FS2004 classic, this builds on the "spirit and charm of the Orcas Island we all remember and love," according to the product page, but of course has been upgraded to meet today's standards.

The list of features provided include:

  • 15/30cm per pixel ground imagery
  • Modeled airport and village
  • Ground poly runway, aprons & lights
  • In spectacular San Juan Islands
  • Large coverage of photoreal area
  • Watermasks for the shores & rivers
  • Onsite photos taken by Orbx staff
  • Many POIs across Orcas Island
  • Integrated into TrueEarth US Washington

KORS is also available for the same price of AUD $32.95 via OrbxDirect.

Additional details on all airports on one page can be found on the release announcement on their website.

Orbx recently announced GayaSimulations' Courchevel is to be sold through OrbxDirect very soon. For further details, as well as today's work-in-progress images of their recently-announced Vienna International (LOWW), click here.

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