Orbx to Remove 40% Cross-Platform Discount from All X-Plane Releases

Friday, August 2, 2019

Orbx marketing head Aimee Sanjari took to the scenery house's forum to share news of the removal of the brand's cross-platform discount system, citing cost and an increasing number of X-Plane airports as the main reasons behind the decision.

Previously, when a converted airport was released for X-Plane, users who had earlier purchased the ESP-platform version of the airfield would receive a 40% discount on their XP purchase, however, going forward, customers must now pay full retail price for each, regardless of whether or not they own the scenery on another simulator platform.

Orbx's Innsbruck for X-Plane will be the last airport to accept cross-platform discounts.

"We believe flight simulation should be accessible for everyone - as a result, we have historically shouldered the costs of FSX/P3D upgrades and free product updates every time a new version of P3D was released. Due to the high volume of X-Plane products being developed, we will no longer be offering the 40% cross platform discount moving forward."

Sanjari goes on to say that the group's recently announced Innsbruck conversion will be the last to offer the 40% discount on release, and after two weeks, the discounts will disappear on all of Orbx's X-Plane range.

You can read the full statement on the Orbx Forum here.

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