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Monday, August 5, 2019

Orbx Central is a new product installer to replace FTX Central. It is not to be confused with TrueEarth GB Central.

You may recall back in May, Orbx introduced a new product manager, with an array of new features and upgraded services. Today sees this new manager, named Orbx Central, released.

With support for Windows, Mac and Linux, users can take full advantage of the manager with faster file processing times, custom install locations and much more.

The application is designed to replace the current manager, FTX Central 3.

Quoting the release announcement, Orbx Central's main features include:

  • Cross-Platform: whether you use Windows, macOS or Linux, Orbx Central will work for you.
  • Modern UI: the user interface has received a full overhaul, making it easier to use than ever before.
  • In-App Purchasing: you can now purchase and install Orbx products completely within Central! If you take the optional step to save your card, you can even complete purchases with just a few clicks!
  • Automatic Updates: never wonder if you're using the latest version of Orbx scenery - Central will keep them up-to-date automatically.
  • Install Anywhere: want to install your Orbx scenery to another drive? Libraries make this easy. You can choose any location you wish, and have your Orbx scenery intelligently linked back into your simulator (using symbolic links in X-Plane and Aerofly, and add-on packages in Prepar3D v4).
  • Add-On Packages Support (add-on.xml): we now use add-on packages for Prepar3D v4! This means that if you need to re-install your whole simulator, you will not need to re-install all of your Orbx products.
  • Speed Improvements: the download and install component of Central has been completely re-written. It is now more robust, stable, and faster than ever before!

Central is available to download here.

For even more information about the product, you can view the detailed announcement below.

Orbx Formally Unveils New Product Installer: Orbx Central
Orbx Formally Unveils New Product Installer: Orbx Central

In other news, Orbx recently announced their 40% cross-platform discount for X-Plane products would be ending after the release of Innsbruck (LOWI). Further details about this decision is available here.

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