PacSim Share Incheon for Microsoft Flight Simulator Previews

October 29, 2021

A new week brings a new round of PacSim Incheon previews, with today's round of images having a broader focus than any before - showcasing the satellite imagery work taking place around the island of Incheon on which the airport is located.

Speaking in a Facebook post published today, the developer said that "all color corrected and improved from the default ground textures. Coastlines are now more realistic looking due to much improved blending applications."

"More buildings [have been] added to the Incheon island and [we] superimposed grunge-work to the taxiways and runways to mimic tire marks."

The previous week's work had focused on some notable landmarks dotting the immediate vicinity of the airport and the approaches. The city of Songdo and the iconic Incheon Bridge were also pictured in last week's previews.

PacSim is reportedly looking at Salt Lake City and Taiwan's Taoyuan Airports for their next conversions, following the releases of Reno-Tahoe and Cleveland for the simulator earlier this year.

Learn more about PacSim's Reno-Tahoe recreation in a previous article.

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