SimCoders Releases Carenado PC-12 REP

Friday, July 26, 2019

After yesterday’s preview livestream courtesy of John Navara (Sim_Dude), SimCoders have fulfilled their promise to release the Carenado PC-12 Reality Expansion Pack package as stated in their blog.

Information on the product before release was very scarce, after we first learnt about it from an email sent out to SimCoders insiders.

While the full feature list is some 3 pages long, here’s a shortened one;

  • Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics
  • Complex Damages System
  • Economic System (compatible with FSEconomy)
  • Weight & Balance Tool
  • Popup Kneeboard
  • Simulation state saving
  • Maintenance Hangar
  • Interactive Walkaround
  • Interactive towing
  • Realistic PT-6 Engine Logic
  • Stunning sounds
  • Realistic Landing Gear
  • Electrical & Avionics System
  • Native Virtual Reality Support
  • Learn with the in-flight tips
  • Custom simulation of Hypoxia
  • Developed in C++ by real pilots

You can purchase the Carenado PC-12 REP for $19.99 USD from the Store.

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