Sneak Peek at SimCoders' Imminent Carenado PC-12 REP

Sam Clark
Thursday, July 25, 2019

SimCoders' popular Reality Expansion Pack extends it's reach by one more aircraft as the Carenado PC-12 is set to join the fleet soon. The PC-12 has been tipped to join the REP family ever since SimCoders sent out an email to insiders asking for beta testers for the new product last month.

Following a short-notice announcement on the SimCoders' Facebook page, Twitch streamer Sim_Dude went live with the new REP package for a three hour preview video.

In a post on their website, they say the new REP is "coming tomorrow." Along with the PC-12 preview, SimCoders have also just released REP 4.2.1, fixing issues with three of their Beechcraft Baron planes; Carenado (XP10), Carenado (XP11) and Laminar default.

The changelog for v4.2.1 is as follows;

  • After updating the fuel system model, the IO-550C fuel flow was too low thus causing very high EGTs. We had to “turn the screw” a little more and let more fuel reach the engine.
  • The Laminar B58 Baron has a bug in its CHT indicators so we had to work around it and make them read the proper values, again.

You can check out the full stream VOD here, or view Sim_Dude's channel on Twitch here.

If you'd like to learn more about Carenado aircraft, see an article on their most recent release; the FA50.

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