projectFLY Issues Fix for Users Unable to Create Flight Bookings

July 28, 2020

A fix has today been issued by the team behind projectFLY, resolving a major issue that prevented users from creating and dispatching flights in v4.

“We've pushed a fix to allow users to create & dispatch bookings using v4 fleet - you don't need to update the app for this, it's all done in the background,” wrote the team to their Twitter account. “We'll be looking in to other issues that are reported ASAP.”

projectFLY is designed to keep track of users’ flights in one place, so today’s fix comes as a relief to those who have been unable to do so.

The release of v4 last month was met with praise, though opinions quickly shifted towards negativity as more bugs became apparent in the flight-tracking application.

Problems that have cropped up include being unable to sign up to the service and not being able to request user data.

In the case of the latter, it is believed there are no staff available to process the requests, though a data exporter has been made by a community member over the weekend.

As well as this, new aircraft images now appear with “Trial Licence EXPIRED” and “Account suspended due to lack of payment” watermarks on top of them.

A watermarked aircraft image replaced with Donald Trump. Image credit: Captain Gryphon

Furthermore, the system appears to have been modified by a former developer today and users’ images of aircraft have been replaced with unrelated subjects such as Donald Trump, Baby Yoda, and SimToolkitPro.

Despite the issues, users on projectFLY’s social media accounts thanked the team for today’s fix, which shows a resumption in operations to move the service in the right direction.

projectFLY’s website is available to view here. Keep up-to-date with projectFLY on Facebook and Twitter.

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