projectFLY v4 Early Access Set to Release This Week

Monday, June 22, 2020

The long-awaited v4 update to projectFLY is now just around the corner, according to a blog post on Metter Simulations' website.

Writing about the team's plans to roll out v4, the developer explained a 24-hour period will be required to migrate all data from v3 to v4 on Thursday, though the team is implementing measures to minimise the planned downtime the best they can. Details of pricing and subscriptions were also given.

"We're now ready and comfortable to release an Early Access version of the projectFLY v4 app to the wider public, after our Focus Group (Thank you for your tireless work!) gave us the go-ahead that they were happy," he wrote. "It is important to note that this is an Early Access version and will not include certain features until a later date.

"In order to release v4 of projectFLY, we need to take down all previous versions of projectFLY (website & application) on Thursday 25th June 2020 at 0900UTC to begin the database migration from v3 to v4. We're aiming for a 24-hour downtime window which will include doing some final tests with our Focus Group to ensure that everything is ready and then we will begin a release of the v4 app to the wider public.

"To ensure that you are able to keep flying during this planned downtime, we will be turning on our VATSIM & IVAO tracker for all who have their CID/PID's already in their projectFLY Connection Settings. If you haven't already done this, you need to before the downtime by going to v3 Settings >> Connections >> VATSIM/IVAO ID before the downtime on Thursday Morning.

"Currently, the projectFLY v4 dispatcher will not be included in the first early access release of the app. This will be added in as a priority at a later date, due to a third-party issue which is out of our control."

The dashboard of v4, as shown in an update earlier this month

The pricing tiers are listed below. More information about what each tier will offer is to be released later this week.

  • Blue - Free (No Payment Required)
  • Supporter - £1.99 per month
  • Pro - £4.99 per month

"Once we're 100% happy with the Dispatcher, these tiers will be reviewed.

"As part of the data migration, all v2/v3 data will be migrated to v4. No data will be lost or deleted."

Ten days ago, new information about projectFLY v4 was shared in a status update that included screenshots of a new dashboard, scenery manager, passport, and more.

Continuing, he said: "We're so excited to begin our migration and release of v4 - we will keep you updated throughout the whole process.

"If you have any questions, please direct them to our Social Media channels on Facebook, Twitter or our Discord server. We recommend you join our Discord server by connecting your Discord account to projectFLY in the Connection Settings on the v3 app before the downtime to ensure you're getting up-to-date information."

projectFLY can be followed through Facebook here, and Twitter here.

A link to their PayPal page was also added, where users can support projectFLY with a recurring or one-off donation.

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