New Previews of GayaSimulation Courchevel

Sam Clark
Alex John
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

GayaSimulation, developers behind the successful Aerosoft Genoa XP scenery, debuted their latest project, Courchevel, early last month. The airport has become famous for its sloped runway, which leads directly into the side of a mountain at the ski area it serves.

In a post on Facebook, Gaya developers said:

"The project developing going very well, and soon we will show you some (out of many) aerial objects to explore at the Courchevel and Meribal area.

"Here are 2 renders from blender- another small teaser.

"All the scenery will be PBR of course."

GayaSimulation now have two X-Plane projects on the go at the moment, with Courchevel joining Brussels Airport (EBBR) and the already released Genoa (LIMJ) in their line of X-Plane products.

You can see the initial announcement in the previous article.

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