Pilot Plus the Latest to Partner with Orbx

February 4, 2020

Following news of Gaya Simulations' joining of Orbx's partnership program only days ago, another developer has jumped on board as well.

Pilot Plus, a British developer best known for their recent Bristol Definitive recreation and new London Wycombe project is now also publishing exclusively under the Orbx brand. Keep your eyes peeled for a review of Bristol Definitive comparing it with it's UK2000 cousin coming soon.

This is just the latest in a stream of developers joining the Orbx platform: first it was Military Visualisations, then Parallel42, then Gaya Simulations and now the first X-Plane-exclusive development brand Pilot Plus. Evidently Orbx has shifted its vision from developer to publisher, as brands like Aerosoft have done before them.

The move was made public via the developer's Facebook page, saying this of the partnership:

"Bristol Definitive is now live on Orbx Central, and we look forward to continuing our development of high fidelity scenery under both of our brands."

London Wycombe, the group's new project, saw an update only two days ago detailing the scenery's entry into private beta, as well as a couple of new previews. The post, made on February 2nd, suggests users should anticipate a release soon.

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