RD Studios Releases New Previews of Riverside Municipal Airport

February 6, 2020

Peter Suranyi, known as Susu986 on the X-Plane.org Forum and developer behind RD Studios, has released new previews of his brand’s upcoming Riverside Municipal Airport, in addition to providing some release information.

Suranyi says in his post that he gives a 90% chance of the airport being released by the end of Q1 2020, though he says not to hold him to that prediction as delays can always occur.

In these newly released pictures, you can see new buildings, people and some highly detailed ground textures.

Included in the post was a video with animated birds, which can be found below. The developer has worked hard in order to make the airport more realistic in this way.

Combine this with the fact that all airport hangers will be customisable as announced in this article from nearly two years ago, it is clear the developer is aiming high with KRAL.

Read the last article about Rising Dawn Studios newest project Riverside Municipal Airport here. Find the official development thread over on the X-Plane.org forum.

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