Reality Expansion Pack Version 4.3.3 Released

January 14, 2020

The development team behind the famous "Reality Expansion Pack", SimCoders has announced a new update for some of their REP packs today on Facebook. Updates are available for the default Cessna 172, SF.260, Carenado and Laminar B58 and the PC-12. 

The Laminar Cessna 172 supports now the Garmin G5 mod by AFM . A fix for engine hours was implemented in the PC-12, and support for separated cowl flaps axis for each engine was added to the B58. The biggest update was for SF.260 which includes a new option for pitch and power settings table in the kneeboard was added and also the KFC225 autopilot did not show the REV status was fixed. The new version for all aircraft is 4.3.3.

The Reality Extension Pack is also available for some other planes including default X-Plane aircraft. To get a full list of all available Reality Expansion Packs visit the SimCoders official website here.

You can update your REP aircraft using the SkunkCrafts updater or you can redownload it at the Store.

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